Rebecca Crocker

Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Public Health, University of Arizona

Rebecca Crocker (PhD Anthropology) is a social science scholar with a focus on the contextual factors that contribute to health declines and mitigations among Mexican immigrants. She has been researching immigrant health for the past two decades, with a focus on embodied emotional responses to migration-related stressors such as deportation and detention, family separation, poverty, and undocumented status. She has also documented the emotional health risks among families of Mexican migrants who go missing during the desert crossing, as well as how im/migrants call on Mexican traditional medicine and food traditions to buffer health declines. She is currently engaged in projects that explore how structural vulnerabilities produce health inequities among Latinx im/migrants in the areas of diabetes complications and incidence and severity of fatty liver disease, as well as documenting factors that contribute to stress and resilience among Latinx farmworkers along Arizona's highly militarized southern border.  She enjoys working collaboratively with other scholars and in concert with affected communities via community based participatory research strategies (CBPR).