Opportunities for Students

BMI offers different engagement opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students! For more information about any student engagement opportunities, please contact us at bmi@arizona.edu.

Semester-long reading groups  

Selected topics relating to immigration research are explored by students and faculty through group discussions. Student research projects benefit from the multidisciplinary comments and suggestions provided these meetings. Open to graduate students and faculty.


Students are introduced to hands-on research methods used to collect empirical data in the social sciences.


Mentoring for undergraduate students working on immigration research projects, encouraging them to present papers at appropriate conferences. Limited funding is available.

Mentoring for graduate students in advanced research using quantitative and qualitative methods. These students participate in BMI research projects. The students are encouraged to develop papers using the research data and to present at conferences.

Hands-on research experience

Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to take one or two semesters of internships at BMI. The hands-on research experience as well as collaboration with affiliated faculty and community groups enrich their research experiences far beyond traditional research.