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The Binational Migration Institute, located in a border region with a millennial history of human migrations, was established in 2004 within the Department of Mexican American Studies.

Our Research Methods

BMI scholars use multidisciplinary methods to conduct research on immigration that:

  1. Responds to community needs for information and research on immigration
  2. Develops projects that focus on research needs as presented by residents, especially regarding the short and long term impacts of immigration policy and its enforcement.
  3. Promotes collaborative research with scholars from universities and activists in human rights non-governmental organizations in the United States and Mexico.
  4. Places the training of students at the center of research projects.

Our Mission

BMI’s mission is to foster binational collaboration to produce and share social science research on how
the implementation and enforcement of immigration policies affect the health, education, economic progress, and constitutional, civil, and human rights of communities, regardless of citizenship or national origin.

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Binational Migration Institute
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