Jeffrey Banister

Director & Associate Research Social Scientist, The Southwest Center, University of Arizona

Jeffrey Banister is director of the Southwest Center, where he is also associate editor and research social scientist.  He is associate research professor in the School of Geography and Development.  As associate editor of Journal of the Southwest, he has built on the university’s tradition of collaborative investigation and publication in the social and natural sciences and humanities with Mexican institutions. Much of this includes acquiring, translating, editing, and publishing scholarship from Mexican researchers in an effort to bring critical scholarship in and on Mexico into the English language bibliography.  His research and teaching focus primarily on resource governance and politics in the US-Mexico borderlands, Mexico, and Latin America. His most recent project, in collaboration with UA professor of art history, Dr. Stacie Widdifield, explores the visual culture of water control and provision in Mexico City from the early to middle twentieth century. This is an interdisciplinary investigation of the Mexican capital’s large potable water system constructed at a crucial phase of national modernization.