Maria Belinda Vasquez

PhD Student, Family Studies and Human Development

Maria Belinda Vasquez is a first-generation graduate student pursuing her PhD in the Family Studies and Human Development Graduate Program at The University of Arizona. She was born in Tucson and raised in Jecori, Sonora, Mex. In addition to her own experience as an immigrant minor, her research motivation is based on her community involvement with children and families along the U.S.-Mexico border. Maria Belinda strongly believes in the importance of mental health and her research aims to strengthen family resilience while attenuating the adverse effects of immigrant trauma in parents and children.

Her research interests include:

  • Immigrant Trauma in Children and Parents
  • Parenting Practices with an Intergenerational Perspective
  • Resilience and Sociocultural Factors in Ethnic Identity
  • Educational Attainment in Immigrant Children