Migration Dialogues Speaker Series: Panel for BMI Report

Death and Disappearance in the Borderlands: Recent Research on Undocumented Border Crosser Deaths in Southern Arizona

This panel introduces a new Binational Migration Institute report on undocumented border crosser deaths in southern Arizona released in April 2021. Panelists include several co-authors of the report, who will discuss their own research on the topic along with main findings of the report.

Presentations and Panelists

“Migrant Deaths in Southern Arizona: Recovered Undocumented Border Crosser Remains Investigated by the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner, 1990-2020”

Daniel E. Martínez, Associate Professor, School of Sociology & Co-Director, Binational Migration Institute, University of Arizona

“Infrastructures of Deterrence and the Geography of Migrant Deaths in the Arizona Desert”

Geoffrey Boyce, Academic Director, Border Studies Program, Earlham College Samuel N. Chambers, Associate, School of Geography, Development & EnvironmentUniversity of Arizona

“Counting the Dead as Activism: The Border and Beyond”

Gabriella Soto, Visiting Faculty Fellow, Barrett, The Honors College, Arizona State University

“Forensic Citizenship: Families in Search of the Missing Along the U.S.-Mexico Border”

Robin C. Reineke, Assistant Research Social Scientist, The Southwest Center, University of Arizona


Center for Border & Global Journalism, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, Human Rights Practice, Latin American Studies, Mexican American Studies, SBS Mexico Initiatives, School of Geography, Development & Environment, School of Sociology, The Southwest Center, and Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner


2 p.m. April 27, 2021