Mario Aguilar

PhD Student, Mexican American Studies

Being a farmworker has shown me how agricultural workers sell their bodies for minimal return. I have experienced the exploitation and alienation of this capitalistic society, which deeply impacts individuals like myself. Coming from a personal experience of external and internal (im)migration and currently being an active seasonal farmworker, there is a fundamental connection and lived experience that brings me to the development of my research interests. I draw upon my lived experience and as a PhD student in the Mexican American Studies Department at the UArizona. I focus on health disparities and the social determinants of health affecting migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Specifically, I examine the relationship between occupational pesticide exposure and negative health outcomes among farmworkers.  

For future research, I want to continue my work with the farm working community in the Central part of Washington State, specifically in the Yakima Valley, where I continue to migrate for the agriculture seasons. I am interested in conducting a mixed-method analysis in order to present a voice to the multiple narratives of my vulnerable community. As a scholar, it is important to transmit the stories of my people through the process of research, writing, and community practice. I would like to further explore the social determinants of health and the perpetrated unseen violence/fear centering the agricultural Latinx community.