Women at the Intersection: Immigration Enforcement and Transnational Migration on the U.S.-Mexico Border

This 2006-2007 Fulbright sponsored study documented and analyzed the interaction of U.S. immigration enforcement authorities and female migrants.

The migration of women from Latin America has been steadily increasing since the 1980s and a number of high-profile cases of sexual assault of migrant women have been reported since 1993, possibly distorting or sensationalizing the reality of the migrant-immigration authority encounter. To date, it is unknown if these cases are isolated or common occurrences and this research will be first of its kind in its attempt to systematically draw an accurate picture of women caught in the “intersection” of diametrically opposed border processes: immigration enforcement and transnational movement. The research captures the increasing participation of women in migration and the labor force, and the increasingly  hazardous, and potentially deadly circumstances that women migrants face. 

For published articles from this research, click here  oleary.web.arizona.edu/publications.  The link below takes you to a video presentation of the that examined the situations experienced by undocumented migrational women, who in crossing into the US without authorization, encounter border enforcement officials.  

Video: Women At the Intersection

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