Research and Projects

On-going Research Projects:
Tucson Elvira-Sunnyside Health and Immigration Enforcement Survey (TESS)
Challenges to Farmworker Health
Sponsored by the National Institute of Occupational and Safety Health (NIOSH)
Women at the Intersection: Immigration Enforcement and Transnational Migration on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Sponsored by Fulbright Garcia-Robles
A Multidisciplinary Binational Study of Migrant Women in the Context of a U.S. Mexico Border Reproductive Health Care Continuum
Sponsored by the Programa de Investigacion de Migracion y Salud.
Investigator Project 7.4 Methods Research Workshops: Instruments, Analysis, and Ethics
Sponsored by US-UofA-DHS Center of Excellence
Pilot Project: “Operation Streamline” Judicial Process
No Vale Nada la Vida/La Vida no Vale Nada, an anthology based on proceedings from the conference bearing the same name
Paritally Supported by the Ford Foundation