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Anna Ochoa O'Leary, Colin Deeds, & Scott Whiteford (Eds)

Each chapter raises methodological and ethical questions relevant to conducting research in transnational contexts, which can frequently be unpredictable or even volatile. The volume addresses the central question of  how can scholars work with vulnerable migrant populations along the perilous US-Mexico border, maintain ethical and methodological standards, while also providing useful knowledge to stakeholders? Not only may immigrants be afraid to provide information that could be incriminating, but researchers may be reluctant to allow their findings to become the basis of harsher law enforcement, unjustly penalize the subjects of their research and inhibit the formulation of humane and effective immigration policy based on scholarly research.

Goldsmith, R. R., M. M. McCormick, D. Martinez, and I. M.  Duarte

2007.  “A Humanitarian Crisis at the Border: New Estimates of Deaths among Unauthorized Immigrants.”  Immigration Policy Center. Policy Brief.

2006. “The ‘Funnel Effect’ and Recovered Bodies of Unauthorized Migrants.”  Report submitted to the Pima County Board of Supervisors.


Goldsmith, Pat Rubio and Mary Romero

2008. “Aliens, “Illegal,” and Other Types of “Mexicanness”: Examination of Racial Profiling in Border Policing. In Globalization and America: Race Human Rights, and Inequality. Angela J Attery et al. (eds), Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.


Carvajal, Scott, C. Rosales, R. R. Goldsmith, S. Sabo, M. Ingran, D. McClelland, F. Redondo, E. Torres, A. Romero, A. O. O'Leary, Z. Sanchez, & J. De Zapien

2012. The Border Community & Immigration Stress Scale and Associations to Health Outcomes, Journal of Immigrant & Minority Health.


Goldsmith, P., M. Romero, R. R. Goldsmith, M. Escobedo, & L. Khoury

2009. Ethno-Racial Profiling and State Violence in a Southwest Barrio. Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies, 34(1): 93-124.


O’Leary, Anna Ochoa

Articles by Anna Ochoa O'Leary present some of the findings of research and data collected through various scientific methods. Among these are included firsthand testimonials from both undocumented and lawful resident immigrant groups, primarily women.

2009. The ABC's Of Unauthorized Border Crossing Costs: Assembling, Bajadores, & Coyotes, Migration Letters 6(1) 27-36. 

2008. Close Encounters of the Deadly Kind: Gender Migration and Border (in)Security. Migration Letters 15 (2) 11122.

2009. In the Footsteps of Spirits: Migrant Women’s Testimonios in a Time of Heightened Border Enforcement. In Violence, Security, and Human Rights at the Border. Kathleen Staudt, et al. (eds), University of Arizona Press. 91-112

2009.  Mujeres en el Cruce: Remapping Border Security through Migrant Mobility.  Journal of the Southwest, 51 (4)  523-542. 

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