BMI offers a limited number of internships and independent studies for university credit. For an idea as to what to expect, please refer to the general information below. 
Internship Objectives:
  1. To develop insight into the world of community organizing that is critical to promoting the respect for immigrant/migrant rights.
  2. Consistent with the CDH mission activities to promote immigrant/migrant rights, help open political spaces by educating community members and public policy makers in a number of related areas.
  3. To gain experience in and reflect upon the processes by which communities respond both practically and politically to issues that we often only read about.
Process for completing semester internship:
1. The areas of research should be determined in advance with the help of your academic advisor, and should include an analysis and reflection about that participation and connection(s) between your participation and the research project.
2. Set up an interview with Professor O’Leary to discuss and set intern goals.
3. Review the on-going research project and decide which of these might fit your academic goals.
4. Attend BMI project meetings or meetings on an as needed basis.
Write report discussing your participation and integrating that participation with areas of research. Report content may follow the general outline below.
Report Contents
At minimum, students will be required to write a summary of the activities you were engaged in. This should include a description of the activity(ies) that they assisted with, including the issue addressed.  Students should keep in mind that their activities should relate to their broader academic and career goals and strategies. This includes a connection between the activities and scholarly work in their field. Advanced graduate students are encouraged to explore avenues for publishing (see BMI publishing policies). Elements of the report should include:
a) A report of the outcomes of the events or activities that you assisted with.
b) A reflection on your participation, include positive and negative critique about the experience.
Suggested Upper-division undergraduate report length: 10-12 pages not including works cited page.

Suggested graduate student report length: 20-25 pages graduate level internships not including works cited pages.